How much can I save?

2 July 2019

With the announcement of our new exchange fee, it is interesting to compare the potential savings when trading through other brokers.

H2OX now charges a flat $2.00 per ML for allocation trades with a minimum of $75 for a transaction (ex GST). This is shown by the blue line in the following chart.

All other brokers charge commissions on a percentage basis. As the water price goes up, so do their commissions. On top of that, some brokers charge an additional administration fee and even additional per ML fees! The grey lines in the chart show the amount you’d pay your broker at 1%, 2% and 3% based on water trading at $500 per ML.

If you were trading 100ML of allocation at $500 per ML, you would pay an exchange fee of $200 through H2OX (ex GST) – a saving of $800 compared to our original 2% exchange fee. If you’re dealing with a broker who charges 3% you’d save $1,300 by trading through H2OX. That’s more money in your pocket!

Our new exchange fee is an innovation in the water market, saving you money and ensuring better market outcomes for all participants.

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