Water managment

Murray-Darling Basin Plan: Less water for more flow

6 July 2017

PETER HUNT, The Weekly Times
July 6, 2017 12:00am
IRRIGATORS hope 40 proposed projects to boost the efficiency and impact of environmental water will curb the Murray-Darling Basin Plan’s recovery target by 650 gigalitres.

The MDB Authority has released the list of Sustainable Diversion Limit adjustment projects, which use regulators, pumps, levees, high flows and even changes to river and storage management to enable less water to achieve the same environmental outcomes.

Two of the biggest projects are the Menindee Lakes reconfiguration to deliver 100-150GL, plus freeing up 70GL that Snowy Hydro has squirrelled away each year in its above-target water account.

Other projects reduce the amount of water needed to flood wetlands by redesigning levees and installing regulators (small weirs) that reduce water use, rather than trying to create over-bank flows.

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