Water managment

Murray Darling Basin Plan review is not independent, Neville says

10 August 2017

August 10, 2017 12:00am
VICTORIA is calling for the Murray-Darling Basin Authority and Commonwealth ­Environmental Water Holder to come under any review of the basin, following startling allegations of water theft in NSW

Victorian Water Minister Lisa Neville has also maintained any review must be inde­pendent — though stopped short of backing South Australia’s call for a judicial inquiry.

“Whoever undertakes it, we have to find the right person to do — and is that a judge who hasn’t any knowledge of water, or is it someone with some ­expertise?” Ms Neville told The Weekly Times.

“It’s critical that we have a process that rebuilds confidence of Victorian irrigators and the Victorian community and that is going to require an independent review that has the powers to compel witnesses, to seek information and protect whistleblowers.”

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