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Murray Darling boon from Basin Plan environment water

2 August 2017

Mike Foley: Farm Online 2 Aug 2017, 4:30 a.m.

IT is an immense challenge, but David Papps would not swap his job as Commonwealth Environmental Water Holder.

He is the irrigator responsible for watering environmental assets in one of the world’s biggest river systems, spanning more than one-sixth of Australia’s landmass.

Waves of controversy have tumbled over the Murray Darling Basin Plan, with allegations of upstream water theft and detrimental low-flow pumping regulations in the Barwon Darling river system. Academics in the Wentworth Group recently claimed the $13 billion reform is failing.

But Mr Papps is brimming with “genuine excitement” at the achievements of the Commonwealth Environmental Water Office (CEWO) he leads.


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