2019-2020 Opening determination & availability

1 July 2019

All states have announced their opening allocations as summarised below.

NSW MurrayHigh97%
South AustraliaHigh31%
Vic MurrayHigh2%

The following charts show the forecast water availability under Dry and Average inflow conditions across the 5 major systems of the sMDB. These only include the volumes held by irrigators, inclusive of carryover. The black dashed lines indicate the volume used in the 2018-2019 irrigation season. The charts haven’t changed that much since our previous water availability outlook.

The biggest challenge this season is the timing of the determinations. In every system, the volumes are well behind last seasons (empty bars). This will create challenges for irrigators who haven’t secured their water for this season.

The first week of the market will be interesting to watch. Traditionally a lot of Forward water is delivered and there can be large variations in prices being reported on the register. This can influence the spot market as well. With recent good rainfall there will be little interest in securing allocation at this stage. We’d expect to see prices settle down over the next few weeks as people start planning their options.

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