More tools for farmers to cope with seasons in new DPI service

1 March 2018

John Ellicott, The Land
1 March 2018

The NSW Department of Primary Industries has launched a revolution in seasonal conditions reports that will empower farmers to make more constructive decisions around the seasons.

Replacing the old seasonal conditions reports, the new online State Seasonal Update (SSU), will have five categories and use data from world-respected climate specialists. This will be “ground-truthed” by DPI staff and farmers.

The conditions information on the DPI’s droughtHub will be updated faster than the old system, and move to real time data as it evolves.

DPI director-general Scott Hansen said the new system includes a detailed vegetation cover index, rainfall measurements and a temperature outlook, while future reports are envisaged to include soil water index data, a rainfall index and pasture-crop index.

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