A litany of losses but almonds on the rise

13 March 2018

The Land
13 March 2018

It has not been a cheery week for the Punter’s investments in agribusiness.

TasFoods (ASX code TFL), Abundant Produce (ABT), Murray Group Organics (MRG), Crop Logic (CLI), Australian Dairy Farms (AHF), and the Sea Farms Group (SFG) all announced losses.

The half year profit at Select Harvest (SHV) was almost halved, and the interim dividend was slashed from 10c to 5c a share.

However, the almond trade world-wide is looking a lot better than it did and the directors expect “significantly improved” performance in the second half.

That happy news saw the shares edge above $5, cementing SHV as the Punter’s largest investment.

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