When you live in the world’s driest continent, you understand the true value of water.

So it’s no surprise that, even back in 1994, Australia was leading the way in water reform. 1994 was the year the Australian Federal and eastern State Government’s signed a COAG Agreement to establish the National Water Initiative 2004 (NWI). The NWI separated land and water titles, meaning water could be traded independently from land.

Australia is the only country to commoditise water. This makes us the world leader in water-trading markets.

But the new water market quickly became murky. There was no central exchange, trading was by appointment only and real time pricing was a pipe dream.

Then H2OX was established.

Now Australia has an independent and transparent water exchange for the electronic trading of water entitlements and allocations. Our water trading service is available to Farmers, Brokers, their clients, and to non-irrigation market participants.

By introducing state of the art technology to the sale and purchase of water and associated products, H2OX has streamlined the market, providing independence, efficiency, transparency and 24/7 real-time trading to owners and users of water.

H2OX – Trading your most precious resource