Water managment

Balance in the Basin now at risk

19 February 2018

19 February 2018

Natural resources management is the science, economics and policy of providing access to our natural resources, like water, on a sustainable basis—so that the many and varied benefits that flow from that access today are also available to future generations.

It is a self-evidently good and deceptively simple concept.

The reality is infinitely more complex and challenging.

The Murray–Darling Basin Plan exists to fairly and sustainably manage the natural resources of a vast and vital ecosystem—so that system will still exist to benefit future generations. The Basin covers an area that is larger than France and Germany combined, is home to more than two million people and provides drinking water to a million more outside the Basin. It generates one third of our nation’s agricultural production, sustains hundreds of fantastically diverse floodplain wetlands and native species, and involves six different governments.

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