Basin Plan

Canavan rejects claims of excessive Basin water purchase

23 March 2018

Colin Bettles, The Land
23 March 2018

QUEENSLAND Nationals Senator Matt Canavan has rebuffed and described as “absolutely incorrect” reporting suggesting ‘tens of millions of dollars’ was overpaid to a large private cotton company for water purchases in the Murray Darling Basin.

The serious claims were raised in a report by the Canberra based think-tank the Australia Institute levelled at former Agriculture and Water Resources Minister Barnaby Joyce.

But that document also refers to and details a comedy skit in the Monty Python movie the ‘Life of Brian’ involving a character named ‘Harry the Haggler’.

It claimed that in July 2017, the minister’s Department paid St George based cotton and farming company Eastern Australia Agriculture (EAA) $80 million for nearly 29 gigalitres of water, saying it was “well above the value recognised by the vendor” which also recorded a $52m profit, on the transaction.

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