Water managment

Cry me a river

15 February 2018

Paddy Manning, The Monthly
15 February 2018

Everything is too important for politics, but the Murray-Darling Basin Plan is really too important for politics. The PM must show leadership and take back responsibility for the plan that he helped shape a decade ago, when he was minister for water resources in the Howard government.

Last night the Senate voted to block a 70-gigalitre reduction in the 3200 gigalitres of water to be recovered for environmental flows for the Murray-Darling Basin, which supports 40 per cent of Australia’s agriculture. The vote has taken the plan right to the brink, with New South Wales and Victoria threatening to pull out.

After more than a century of argy-bargy, we know exactly how the blame game will play out: Liberal vs Labor, Nationals vs Greens, downriver vs upriver states, irrigators vs scientists. It will be a disaster.

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