Goulburn IVT

The MDBA has called on IVT water from the Goulburn.

The following chart shows a summary of the projected deliveries as announced by Goulburn-Murray Water and the MDBA and estimates when trade from the IVT may open.

The values shown in the chart are indicative only. The actual delivery volumes will vary on a daily basis. The actual IVT volume and trade status is maintained by the Victorian Water Register. When the IVT balance goes positive, trade into the Murray will be possible.

The actual IVT volume in the chart (solid line) will be periodically updated as further announcements are made. The Estimated IVT (dotted line) is an estimate assumign average daily deliveries and average daily tagged usage continues. Both these numbers fluctuate (sometimes dramatically) and therefore the above chart is only indicative.

Usage through tagged accounts will cease some time during December and this will have a significant impact on the IVT, especially if the MDBA continues to call on deliveries. H2OX has assumed usage through tagged accounts will cease on 15 December 2019 in the chart above – this will be updated as more information comes to hand.

The distribution of the Water For Fodder allocations will also have a significant impact on the Goulburn IVT. We anticipate that most of the ~14GL going to the Goulburn will be processed in February and play a significant role in keeping the IVT open.

Further determinations against Goulburn entitlements have not been factored into the calculations.

H2OX provides this for information purposes. You should not rely solely on this information to make trading decisions.