Basin Plan, Dairy

Goulburn-Murray farmers are at tipping point: taking more water will make it worse

3 May 2018

Suzanna Sheed, The Guardian
3 May 2018

The Murray-Darling basin plan narrative runs on well-worn tracks. Watertheft allegations and short-changed rivers in the northern basin. Booming almonds around Mildura. Quick detour to Murrumbidgee river communities who burned the draft plan in 2010 but are now doing fine. And the story ends at the Coorong and at the Murray mouth.

So all angles covered, yes?

Except for the gaping hole in the map that is the Goulburn-Murray irrigation district (GMID) in northern Victoria. Farmers here have contributed more water than any others to the environment, but few decision-makers seem to want to know what that means for these communities.

The GMID is large. It covers 27,000 sq km, stretching from Cobram in the east to Swan Hill in the west. It is Victoria’s food bowl, generating $5.9bn worth of product, including dairy, fruit, vegetables, meat and cereals. One in three jobs are on farms, farm services and food processing.

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