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Goulburn Murray Irrigation District to lose another 400,000ML

22 August 2018

Peter Hunt, The Weekly Times
22 August 2018

DAIRY farmers fear another shake-out in their numbers as temporary water prices stay high and the Mallee’s massive horticultural developments move to suck another 400,000 megalitres out of the Goulburn Murray Irrigation District.

Last week the Victorian Water Register warned horticultural demand for water, downstream of the Barmah choke, would increase by 400,000 megalitres over the next five to 10 years.

The Register also warned almond, tablegrape and citrus developers across the NSW, Victorian and South Australian Mallee faced major delivery shortfalls as river managers struggled to push an ever-growing amount of water down the river to meet peak-summer demand.

Katunga irrigator Darryl Hoey said it was obvious most of the 400,000ML would be sourced from the Goulburn, which joins the Murray River below the Barmah Choke.

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