‘I’m worried’: Dairy farmers struggle to survive in industry due to costs vs milk price

6 December 2018

Albert McKnight, Bega District News
6 December 2018

Phil Ryan has run cattle at Toothdale for the past 11 years and said a combination of drought, high feed prices and low payments for milk products were causing intense pressure on dairy farmers.

“Our current milk price is historically high. If we had received a price at this level for the last 10 years, with lower feed prices, our businesses would be more resilient and therefore more sustainable. All of our costs keep rising, so our milk price has to as well,” he said.

Mr Ryan currently sells milk produced on his farm to Bega Cheese for about 50cents per litre. But he said with this year’s feed prices going sky high, in order for his business to be secure the price might need to be raised as high as 70cents per litre.

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