Industry plan to deliver new strategy

22 November 2018

The Australian Dairy Farmer
22 November 2018

November and December seem to be the months where the calendar speeds up and before we know it the year has ended. For those farmers that have had good soil moisture, I hope that the silage and hay season has been a good one and you can finish the year in good shape. However, we recognise that this is a challenging season and the lack of usual rain is now affecting more than 40 per cent of the industry.

It is now well established that most dairying regions will experience a warmer and drier end to spring and start of summer, and the ongoing cost pressures of high grain, hay and water prices will continue. This means that your farm plans need to keep evolving, and in response, we are doing the same at Dairy Australia.

One area that has been a priority for us is to better understand the drivers of grain prices with a focus on the outlook for winter grain harvests that could provide price relief, opportunities for more cost-effective transport of grain across the country from west to east, and opportunities for feed imports that relieve cost pressure. There appear to be opportunities in each of these three areas and we are active in working on behalf of industry to invest and strive for price relief.

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