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Irrigation water demand hits a record

25 April 2018

Simone Smith, The Weekly Times
25 April 2018

IRRIGATION water trade records are being broken as dairy farmers attempt to establish pastures without any sign of rain.

On Monday, Peter Lawford, chief executive of Kyabram trader Waterpool Co-operative said this month was the highest volume the co-operative had traded in April.

“We’ve had an enormous amount of water traded, like 15,000 megalitres this month,” he said. “This is three times the volume we normally trade.”

Mr Lawford said the demand for irrigation water had come from a mix of new and existing customers and was a huge turnaround in demand from just a few weeks earlier.

“At the start of the month, the list of sellers was three times longer than the list of buyers, now we have zero sellers and a whole long list of demand,” he said.

Prices at the end of last month were $120 a megalitre. On Monday 50 megalitres sold for $150/ML.

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