Water managment

Irrigators the losers in ‘win-win’ outcome

26 December 2017

DECEMBER 26, 2017

It is with sadness and disappointment that I write in response to MDBA chief executive officer Phil Glyde’s letter to the people of Goulburn Murray.

We all support the need for the Murray-Darling Basin Plan and recognise that some give-and-take is required to meet everyone’s needs.

We just ask that the MDBA properly recognises that the GMID and Murray Irrigation areas have borne the majority of the impact of the basin plan so far.

This is not evident in the MDBA’s work to date.

Mr Glyde refers in his letter to the MDBA’s recently-released document that provides an ‘‘evaluation of the outcomes of the first five years of basin plan implementation’’. Unfortunately the evaluation document does not provide an evaluation of the outcomes for the GMID but rather just criticises the work by RMCG and Frontier Economics, suggesting that both of them have overstated the socio-economic impacts. These two completely separate studies by reputable consulting firms support the same conclusions and have considerable support from the community.

The MDBA evaluation claims all of the benefits of increased productivity but downplays any of the impacts. Finally, the document provides very little detail but deals in generalities and, as a result, underestimates the socio-economic impacts on the GMID. There are six areas where the MDBA’s research continues to misrepresent the impacts on the GMID.

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