Basin Plan

Irrigators welcome vital changes to Water Act

27 June 2018

The Land
27 June 2018

Certainty for irrigators in the Northern Basin is one step closer after the Senate voted to pass the Water Amendment Bill 2018 on Monday night.

The amendment to the Water Act will meant northern Murray Darling Basin communities will retain an extra 70GL of water, while still delivering environmental outcomes.

Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources David Littleproud said he was pleased for farmers and rural communities in the northern Murray Darling Basin.

“We’ve put the two million people who live in the Murray-Darling Basin ahead of politics,” Minister Littleproud said.

“Retaining the extra 70 gigalitres of water in Northern Basin communities will protect jobs.

“We continue to deliver certainty on water supply to communities who haven’t had it for so long.

“I will now direct the Murray Darling Basin Authority to create the necessary legal Instrument that will see an extra 70 gigalitres retained by rural communities while still delivering environmental outcomes for the Northern Basin.”

“I’ve always said politicians would never create lasting peace by going to war and I thank the Opposition for supporting basin communities last night.”

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