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It’s time to ‘Join the Ag Revolution’

5 July 2018

The Land
5 July 2018

Agriculture is on the cusp of a revolution, with renewed enthusiasm fueling a transformation.

Precision ag, increased production capabilities, and water-saving innovations are all reflective of an industry brimming with opportunity.

And now one of Australia’s rural heartlands is calling forth an agricultural army – a vibrant, skilled workforce to lead into the new age.

‘Join the Ag Revolution’ is an initiative of Gwydir Valley Irrigators Association (GVIA), created to showcase and promote rural industries, and the passionate people behind them.

GVIA executive officer, Zara Lowien, said the campaign, which launched this week via Facebook, would target social media platforms with a targeted audience of young graduates, as well as careers days and targeted mailouts at universities and schools.

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