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Macalister irrigation: Hopes rise as inflows double

6 September 2017

SIMONE SMITH, The Weekly Times
September 6, 2017 12:00am
INFLOWS into the Macalister Irrigation District almost doubled in the past two weeks, pushing up irrigation allocations to 85 per cent.

However, farmers say while this will cut costs, until allocations reach 100 per cent, there will still be some adjusting of water budgets as the region relies on spill water — more than 100 per cent of entitlement.

Stratford dairy farmer and Macalister Customer Consultative Committee chair Iain Stewart said increases in allocation were good news but the chance of Lake Glenmaggie flooding for spill was still “iffy” with levels on Monday at 63 per cent.

“Most farms are geared for 120 per cent water right,” he said. “The closer we get to 100 (per cent) the better it is for the district.”

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