Basin Plan

Making Water From Whine: The Murray Darling Basin’s Magic Numbers Machine

21 February 2018

Maryanne Slattery, New Matilda
21 February 2018

So South Australians, you’re pee-ed off about New South Wales and Queensland stealing all your water upstream? Solution, with a bit of biblical fish and loaves magic, we just change the numbers. Maryanne Slattery explains.

Last Wednesday was Judgement Day for the management of the Murray-Darling Basin. It was a win for the river – to the tune of 70 billion litres of water, but it was a stunning rebuke for state and federal governments as well as the Murray-Darling Basin Authority.

Federal, NSW and Victorian Governments threatened fire, brimstone and the End of Days – or at least the end of the Basin Plan – if the Senate didn’t approve the Murray-Darling Basin Authority’s (MDBA) plans to let corporate irrigators in NSW and Queensland use more water at the expense of downstream uses, outlined in its Northern Basin Review.

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