Basin Plan

Murray Darling Basin Plan leaves regional communities with big questions

24 June 2018

Mike Foley, The Land
24 June 2018

The inimitable words of former US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld ring true for the $13 billion Murray Darling Basin Plan.

When briefing the press on Iraq’s reputed possession of weapons of mass destruction Mr Rumsfeld said “as we know, there are known knowns; there are things we know we know”.

He went on to say there were “known unknowns” – or “things we do not know”.

So far, so good.

Mr Rumsfeld’s next utterance was an instance classic, and a perfectly confusing description of the big question mark hanging over irrigators, communities and the environment from Charleville in Queensland to Goolwa in South Australia.

“There are also unknown unknowns — the ones we don’t know we don’t know… it is the latter category that tend to be the difficult ones,” he mused.

Now, I can guess what you’re thinking. Not another bloody article on Basin Plan politics.

We’re four years in, with another six to go until the 2024 deadline. How much more can we take?

I’ll confess I share the same thought – even if it is part of my job.

But there’s a Murray-cod’s mouthful which remains unexplained and if you live in the Basin, you value its flora and fauna, or depend on its produce, you have a vital stake in the known-unknowns.

So, here goes. Some of the biggest unresolved Murray Darling issues…

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