Murray Darling Basin Plan review needed as rainfall continues to contract

26 December 2018

Jan Beer, The Weekly Times
26 December 2018

IT IS the accepted scientific view that since the start of the Millennium drought the Murray Darling Basin has seen a real and decisive change in climate.

We are now confronted with significant reductions in stream inflows, seasonal change in rainfall patterns and more extended dry periods.

This year’s Climate Council report says, “across the Murray Darling Basin streamflows have declined by 41 per cent since the mid 1990s” and South East Australia “has experienced a 15 per cent decline in late autumn and early winter rainfall and a 25 per cent decline in average rainfall in April and May over the past two to three decades.” But there has been no review of the initial decision that it is feasible under this changed climate regimen to recover and deliver 3200GL for the environment.

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