Basin Plan

Murray Darling Basin Plan: Victoria raises 450GL concern

6 June 2018

Natalie Kotsios, The Weekly Times
6 June 2018

VICTORIA has raised concerns the Federal Government has sought to effectively make changes to the Murray Darling Basin Plan before getting agreement from state governments — particularly in regard to recovering an extra 450GL of environmental water.

Victoria’s Water Minister, Lisa Neville, will also push for a clearer “neutrality test” that considers the effect of taking more water from irrigation communities, when basin state and federal ministers meet on Friday.

It will be the first meeting of basin ministers since the Federal Government and federal Labor struck a deal to pass changes to the Basin plan in Parliament, reducing the amount of water to be taken from irrigators by 605GL and recovering it through environmental and efficiency projects instead.

As part of that deal, the Government agreed to immediately start recovering the 450GL, via expressions of interest. The water can only be obtained through infrastructure, not buybacks, and if there are no negative socio-­economic impacts.

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