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Murray Darling Basin Plan’s next disallowance motion looms over SDL projects

20 February 2018

Mike Foley, Farmonline
20 February 2018

As the eastern states reel from last week’s Northern Basin disallowance motion, an even more controversial disallowance motion rests on the Senate’s books.

Last week Labor, the Greens and some of the Crossbench voted to block the Northern Basin amendment, recommended by the Murray Darling Basin Authority, which would have reduced recovery by 70 gigaltires, from 390GL to 320GL.

The federal and state governments are scrambling to figure out what happens next: can NSW and Victoria make good their threat to withdraw from the Basin Plan? Can they go it alone? Or can a new compromise be achieved?

But an even bigger risk to the future health and wellbeing of the Basin Plan approaches on May 8.

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