Next election test of leadership on climate and the environment

9 December 2018

Gabrielle Chan, The Guardian
9 December 2018

The next election could shape up as an important contest for centrist voters who consider climate and environmental concerns as a test of leadership according to leading social researcher Rebecca Huntley.

Huntley says her work increasingly shows voters broadly connect environmental issues such as climate change, energy, clean air and water, food security and waste with capacity for leadership.

“Voters have looked at both parties falling apart on climate change and now it’s as if the leader who can decide on climate change and environment policy and get their party to stick and still walk out the door intact is the real leader,” Huntley said.

“Environment has almost become a proxy for leadership capability at a federal level in the same way capacity to deal with infrastructure has been a proxy for leadership at a state level, as we just saw in Victoria.”

In conjunction with the Cultural and Indigenous Research Centre Australia (CIRCA), Huntley of Vox Populi Research, carried out qualitative research for the Wilderness Society and the Nature Conservation Council of NSW.

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