NFF to build drought information website

7 November 2018

Natalia Kotsios, The Weekly Times
7 November 2018

NATIONAL Farmers’ Federation will build a new drought information website, via a $400,000 Federal Government grant.

It comes as the farm lobby’s costs for building and maintaining its own Australian Farmers website over the past two years has hit $2 million — amid revelations the site has a useful lifespan of five years.

The Government announced the NFF would receive funding to build and manage “Farm Hub”, as part of Canberra’s latest drought support package. It will be a one-stop portal for farmers to access information on drought support, from both governments and charities.

Asked how the site would differ from existing government sites, NFF chief executive Tony Mahar said there was “no one central point where federal, state and charitable drought support and information is provided”.

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