NSW DPI rice event to attract hundreds at Yanco Agricultural Institute

8 March 2018

Talia Pattison, The Irrigator
8 March 2018

Hundreds of rice growers, researchers and agribusiness representatives will meet at the Yanco Agricultural Institute on March 15 to attend the annual rice industry field day.

NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) southern cropping director, Deb Slinger, said the event will showcase results from the Australian Rice Partnership, which links NSW DPI, SunRice and AgriFutures Australia.

“Results for current rice varieties from 14 NSW DPI experiments in the Murrumbidgee and Murray Valleys investigating water, nitrogen and agronomic management, are highlights of the field day,” Ms Slinger said.

“NSW DPI researchers are helping to fine-tune agronomic practices which deliver water savings and can increase gross margins by up to 59 per cent.

“A combination of direct drill sowing and delayed permanent water can save growers up to 4.5 megalitres per hectare compared with aerial sowing and traditional rice irrigation, and that extra water is available to grow more rice and increase gross margins.”

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