Rainfall at Bourke

6 November 2019

The Darling River at Bourke starting flowing with the widespread rainfall event across eastern Australia on 3 & 4 November 2019.

According to the BOM, Bourke and the surrounding area received over 90mm of rain which saw the Darling River start to flow for the first time in over a year.

The flows of around 3,000ML/day were generated from the immediate area around Bourke, as most upstream gauging stations were showing no flow at the time of writing.

With no further rainfall forecast in the near future, just how far will this water make it down the Darling River?

It is approximately 850km along the river from Bourke to Wilcannia where the next stream gauge is located. It will be interesting to see how much, if any, water makes it to Wilcannia and beyond. Its a further 410km to Menindee.

This event will freshen the existing pools along a good portion of the Darling River however significant rainfall will be required before it become’s a connected river again.