The Murrumbidgee IVT

What is it?

The Murrumbidgee Inter Valley Trade Limit (IVT) is the volume of tradeable water than can be transferred into or out of the Murrumbidgee at any one time, with the maximum currently limited to 100 gigalitres (GL).

How does this affect trading?

Water can only be traded in and out of the Murrumbidgee when there is a positive balance in the Murrumbidgee IVT account (up to 100 GL). A negative balance means water is being traded back upstream, which is not allowed due to sustainability issues.

A closure on trading from the Murrumbidgee in one direction will remain in place until 15GL is moved in the other direction. DPI Water may also announce open and closure of allocation trade without notice.

More Information:

Please visit or contact us at H2OX for further information on the Murrumbidgee IVT.

The Barmah Choke

What is it?

The Barmah Choke is a naturally occurring narrow stretch of the River Murray that begins downstream of Cobram, Victoria and ends upstream of Echuca, Victoria.

How does this restrict trading?

A default trade restriction is in place at the Choke, meaning trade downstream may only occur when there is sufficient matching trade capacity upstream.

More Information:

Please visit or contact us at H2OX for further information on the Barmah Choke.


Risk of Spill

What is it?

Victorian Murray, Goulburn and Campaspe irrigators can carryover water against high reliability water shares upto 100% of their entitlement.

This water is held in spillable water accounts until a low risk of spill is declared by the Northern Victorian Resource Manager.

How does this affect trading?

When the risk of Spill in the Murray is greater than 50%, trade from NSW into Victoria is suspended, though back trade opportunities from Vic into NSW are possible.

More information:

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What is it?

Carryover products exist across the Southern Murray Darling Basin enabling unused water at the end of each season to be stored for use the following season.

How does this affect trading?

In Victoria in all major systems up to 100% of water entitlements can be carried over – In NSW water can be carried over against General Security entitlements upto 30% in the Murrumbidgee and 50% in the Murray. South Australian Murray entitlement holders can carry over in certain years pending an announcement by the South Australian Government

Please visit in Victoria or  in NSW or contact us at H2OX for more information on carry over.