Riverina rice growers ‘best in the world’

24 May 2018

Lyndall Reading, The Weekly Times
24 May 2018

THE Riverina rice harvest will total about 625,000 tonnes due to good yields.

So far 615,000 tonnes has been delivered to SunRice depots across the Riverina, with a further 10,000 tonnes expected by the end of this month.

Information from SunRice shows the top result was 14.8 tonnes a hectare for a crop of reiziq in the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area.

This crop outstripped the region’s five year average of 11.7 tonnes/ha by 3.1 tonnes/ha.

The crop was grown using only 9.6 megalitres of water.

Data from SunRice shows across the Riverina it was common for growers to achieve yield-to-water usage rates of around 1.25 tonnes per megalitre.

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