Basin Plan

SA farming future threatened by ‘games’

23 February 2018

Ali Kuchel, Stock Journal
23 February 2018

AFTER the Greens disallowance was passed in the Senate last week, overturning the 70 gigalitre water recovery project recommendation from the Murray-Darling Basin Authority, SA Murray Irrigators chairperson Caren Martin believes the project will be re-visited shortly.

The motion halted the project to cut 70GL from the Northern Basin as part of the water recovery target.

But Mrs Martin says it is a “catch 22” – there are three “chunks” of water in the Murray-Darling Basin Plan to be negotiated, the 605GL upwater, 450GL downwater and the 70GL recovery target – and one is not possible without the other.

In other words, it is all three “chunks” or it is none.

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