Basin Plan

Stealthy claim on MDBA water

24 July 2018

The Country News
24 July 2018

he Federal Government’s announcement it is advertising for projects to save water for the Murray-Darling Basin has sounded an alarm for Victorian water groups.

Federal Water Minister David Littleproud has announced the tenders for $1.5billion of water efficiency projects and promised they would deliver water savings without hurting basin communities.

However, Goulburn Murray Irrigation District Water Leadership Group co-chair David McKenzie warned the expression of interest process seemed like buyback by stealth, given participants apparently did not need to independently prove their infrastructure project resulted in water savings.

‘‘Past experience tells us participants will just go into the market to replace what they sold with Victorian and NSW entitlements at a lower price than they received from the Commonwealth,’’ Mr McKenzie said.

‘‘It doesn’t take a genius to work out this will drive up water entitlement prices for everyone across the southern Murray-Darling Basin.’’

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