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The Commonwealth Environment Water Holder has rejected claims it’s affected intervalley trade limits

25 October 2018

Andrew Miller, Stock & Land
25 October 2018

The Commonwealth Environmental Water Holder (CEWH) has flatly rejected claims that its practices have triggered the close of intervalley trade (IVT) limits.

Waterfind’s Stuart Peevor told the Shepparton Australian Bureau of Agriculture and Research Economics and Sciences (ABARES) Regional Outlook conference when the CEWH moved water around, it could trigger immediate trade restrictions.

“When those intervalley trade limits are committed or overcommitted, it can take a lot of time for those trades to re-open,” Mr Peevor said.

“You will find, literally, you will wake up in the morning and you will see the limit has been hit.”

But CEWH Jody Swirepik has rejected the claim.

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