Upping the ante at Grong Grong

14 May 2018

Peter Austin, Good Fruits and Vegetables
13 May 2018

Serious investors are being courted to run their calculators over an ambitious horticultural development opportunity now on offer in the Riverina. CBRE is marketing an investment package labelled “Grong Grong Estate”, which is an aggregation of 28 properties just north of the Murrumbidgee River, about 25 kilometres east of Narrandera.

The initiative is part of a wider plan called the Droughtmaster Project aimed at delivering piped water to rural and industrial users (including the Ardlethan tin mine) across the northern Riverina. It’s being driven by an unlisted public company called Plains Water Ltd, which sees the development of an irrigated horticultural venture at Grong Grong as a key component of the proposed water scheme.

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