WaterNSW unveils 20-year rural infrastructure options

6 June 2018

6 June 2018

WaterNSW has developed a 20-year infrastructure options study for the state’s major rural river valleys to address future challenges in operating regulated river systems, with potential to enhance service levels and guide future investment.

The WaterNSW study outlines options for improving services by further developing its multi-billion dollar infrastructure network, which currently includes 42 major dams, hundreds of weirs, pipelines and Australia’s largest surface and groundwater monitoring network across 30 regulated rivers.

This strategy seeks to address long-term trends, developments and impacts, such as population growth, technological innovation, demand fluctuations, variability in the agriculture and mining sectors, climate change effects on water availability, and customers’ changing needs and expectations regarding current and future levels of service.

A strategic asset framework for bulk water supply systems in NSW is vital to meeting these challenges. This has driven the 20-year infrastructure strategy as WaterNSW seeks to provide long-term solutions and development of key assets.

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