Basin Plan

Wentworth Group’s Murray Darling Basin Plan plea

3 May 2018

Mike Foley, The Land
3 May 2018

The Wentworth Group of Concerned Scientists say the Murray Darling Basin’s environment and communities are at stake in the upcoming May 8 vote on  37 sustainable diversion limit offset projects in the Southern Basin.

The scientists are a chief critic in the debate which has led to the Greens putting an ultimatum before the Senate, requesting a disallowance motion to overturn the approval already granted for the projects.

The projects are designed to variously improve the flow of water to environmental assets like wetlands, reduce by 605 gigalitres the amount water buybacks required of irrigators and build capacity in the river system to carry higher flow rates without damaging floods. (Here’s a brief explanation of what how the offset projects work)

The Wentworth Group’s Basin Plan spokesman, Associate Professor Jamie Pittock, said a number of big issues are ringing alarm bells.

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